Master Healer and Master Teacher

Tao Shi Pei Wo Lun

Tao Shih Pei Wo Lun, a preeminent Master Healer and Master Teacher, embodies many years of experience and wisdom along with an unsurpassed knowledge base, as he takes you on a deeply profound journey of spiritual healing.

The journey offered by Tao Shih fulfills the hope of attaining “The Promise”. The promise of heaven on earth, peace, bliss, ecstasy, unconditional love, and equanimity. During this journey you will find renewed confidence as your emotional well-being is enhanced. Your enthusiasm for life will be unbounded, your experiences transformational and transcendent. Providing an adventure significantly different, he will change your life.

A virtuoso of the Healing Arts, Tao Shi Pei Wo Lun draws from the great Wisdom Traditions and pioneers contemporary achievements.

As a connoisseur of the Art of Tai Chi, he combines movement and dance with pshychospiritual cultivation, creating a complete healing experience. Known for his honesty, real world guidance, and ability to “cut to the chase”, he can find the root of any issue, bringing you to the realization of your true self.

Tao Shiih Pei Wo Lun is the creator and instructor for the Tai Chi 10 Proram. (see Tai Chi 10 Instructor’s Program )

He offers appointments for herbal consultations, private Taoist Healing sessions, and private Tai Chi and QiGong instruction.

For Appointments: 907-279-0135

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