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Brittany Russell, Chair Massage and Table Massage Instructor

Brittany Russell is a fabulous Oriental Healing Massage Therapist. She has dedicated herself to many dynamic forms of body work including Swedish relaxation massage, Thai Yoga massage, Tui Na sports massage, Prenatal massage and Hot Stone. Her specialties also include Gua Sha and acupressure points.

She has also earned herself a reputation for providing a wonderful chair massage! In those 15-30 mins, Brittany works her magic and will bring you definite and immediate relief to the most stubborn of aches and pains. She shares her knowledge with the next generation of massage therapists by teaching chair massage and table massage in the Alaska Institutes 800 hr Massage Therapy Program.

Brittany has studied abroad in Beijing, China in the Olympic Sports Hospital to become an expert in the effective and invigorating, Tui Na sports massage. Combined with her wide knowledge base in Thai Yoga massage, she can create a mind blowing experience tailored to each individual client. With an experienced and nurturing touch, capable of giving light contact for those that are physically sensitive, and deep contact for those that are in need of a more therapeutic session, you will find long lasting relief. Her business name is Hands Like Clouds, and after an hour with her, you will be floating like one!

Want some exercises to go with your bodywork? You are in luck! Brittany is also an instructor of Yang style Tai Chi, Yoga and Qigong energy work, including Ba Dua Jin and Neck and Low Back Pain Qigong.

Let Brittany brighten your day and assist you on your path to wellness – your Mind Body Spirit will thank you!

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