How do we create the best conditions possible for healing to occur? We initiate The Healing Response™ within ourselves or others.

This 180 hour (36 weeks) masterclass teaches 9 essential components required to put our bodies into the optimal state to heal, AND how to use the Taoist healing arts of Meditation, QiGong, and Tai Chi to support these components. Sign up to receive more info and reminders about this class. (We won’t clutter your in-box or share your information.)

Who this masterclass is for:

  • Those who know the natural power of our body to heal and want to learn exactly how to tap into this for your own personal use and growth.
  • Health coaches and practitioners who want an inspiring method to improve your results and motivate your clients.
  • Health care professionals who want a deeper understanding of the actual process we go through in healing – refine all of your skills with this knowledge.
  • Those who are very drawn to knowledge of healing arts but don’t necessarily want to work in the health care field.
  • If you have a health issue you want to heal from, you need to be in this class.

What does healing mean to you? The definition of healing is an individual and personal concept. Healing can mean different things to each of us, such as: lack of pain and discomfort, peace, balance, integrity, or wholeness.

Whatever healing means to you, it is a journey. It can be strange and frightening at times, wonderful and beautiful at other times.

The healing journey can include pain and suffering, but the thing to understand is that it doesn’t mean something is wrong. You are not tainted or lesser than no matter what your state of health is.

The reality is – your spirit is already whole. Your spirit is experiencing dis-ease. You have the opportunity to heal. Healing is always possible.

As spiritual beings experiencing life, we can put dis-ease into perspective. From the viewpoint of a spiritual person even what appears to be an all-consuming dis-ease has deep meaning.

How we think is a strong component of how dis-ease is experienced by us. As we put dis-ease into perspective, we also put healing into perspective.

How we perceive healing and dis-ease is how we perceive life. Dis-eases are occurrences, incidences in life. Pay close enough attention to the dis-ease, to the discomfort and healing can occur.

Yes, we can put our put our body-mind-spirit into the state where healing occurs. We call this The Healing Response™.

There are nine essential components in The Healing Response™, each an important piece to explore, find, and cultivate within ourselves. They are:

nine essential components

The Healing Response™ Masterclass takes you through the 9 stages of a personal journey of healing, whether it is your journey or someone you are assisting. Each stage will be explained and discussed in fascinating detail. You will learn what each stage looks like when it is present, or if not present how to inspire it.

Brought to you by the Alaska Institute of Oriental Medicine, Acupuncture & Massage Therapy this course is based on Taoist Healing philosophies. If you are a Healer, or work with people in any capacity, this class will teach you how to help them move find success and healing, to move forward in their life. We are all at different places in our own personal journeys. Learn how to see the obstructions in your life or other’s and how to move past them. Learn how to find and stay on the healing path of life.

Course Presenters, Dates & Times:

Tao Shih Pei Wo Lun: Master Healer/ Master Teacher and Lee Ann Benko, LMT, MQT, SM

Next Class TBA, 36 healing weeks. Tuesdays 7-9pm and Saturdays 6-9pm.

Call 907-279-0135 to register

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