The Oriental Healing Arts Center

About AKINSTITUTE: The Oriental Healing Arts Center, where many of the school courses are held, is a wellness center offering a full range of services within the Taoist Healing Arts. Our staff includes a Taoist Spiritual Healer, Professional Massage Therapists that have graduated in the top of their class from our school, Intern and Student Massage Therapists, and Tai Chi, QiGong, and Yoga instructors.

The professional staff at The Oriental Healing Arts Center makes up the majority of our school’s instructors. The years of experience combined with areas of specialty provides a distinctively high quality of information passed on to our students.

School Instructors

School History

In April, 2003 we started as The Oriental Healing Arts School of Massage Therapy. As our school has expanded over the years, in 2012 we changed our name to better reflect our purpose and scope of education. We are now the Alaska Institute of Oriental Medicine, Acupuncture & Massage Therapy.

Our basic foundation is in the Taoist Healing Arts which includes Traditional (and Classic) Chinese Medicine. The school was formed as a way to integrate massage therapy as one of the modalities used in Chinese Medicine, directly into the other Taoist Healing Arts which include: Herbal Therapy, Medical QiGong Therapy, Tai Chi and QiGong, and Feng Shui. While massage therapy was and is currently taught at several other local schools, no other school has the foundation in Oriental medicine as both a philosophy and way of life.

Healing Mission

Our mission is to bring individuals and their lives to wholeness by educating them about the centuries old spiritual path to healing of Tai Chi, QiGong, Qi/Energy Healing, Massage Therapy, and Chinese Herbs. In striving for health and wholeness we seek an open partnership with the health care community while maintaining our integrity by offering and practicing Tai Chi, QiGong, Meditation, Oriental Healing Herbs, Massage Therapy and Qi/Energy Healing.

healing response course

Healer Philopsophy

“Healer” means the ability to guide another person to wholeness. Our students are given the opportunity to go through many levels of self-cultivation and self-healing, thereby gaining the experience needed to work with others. We provide an atmosphere of grounding, inner-strength, and growth that is surrounded in the type of compassion required to connect with the human spirit. Through the practice and study of the Taoist Arts, we provide a significantly different level of knowledge, understanding, and approach to health and wholeness.

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