GALLSTONES: Essential Oils QiGong and More

By Cynthia McMullen
Originally posted September 24, 2016

DISCLAIMER:  Natural methods work best to prevent or lessen the degree and occurrence of gall stones in someone who may be prone to them. This information is not intended to replace proper medical attention for someone experiencing acute symptoms related to gall stones.  If you are in severe pain that lasts more than a few hours and feel like you should be calling your doctor – please do!  If the doctor determines it is an emergency and wants to remove your gall bladder this may be the best course of action under the circumstances.  If the doctor stabilizes your pain and sends you home, it should be safe to use natural methods as a form of future prevention.

Gall Bladder Flush:

(Source, Healing With Whole Foods, by Paul Pitchford)

There is quite a bit of internet controversy over this gall bladder flush concerning the “pea-like poop pellets” that come out in the morning.  Are they the gall stones or a formation of the oil and lemon juice?  This point should not negate the positive results so many experience.

Regardless of this controversy, I have seen this flush work extremely well in numerous people in the clinical setting, and I stand by it.  When you understand the relationship of the 5-Element Energy of the food to what it does in the body, it makes sense, and it is gentle enough that it won’t hurt someone to try it.  And if you try it and it doesn’t work – no harm done.

CAUTION: If you have an actual blocked or infected bile duct, your stool is very light or white in color, or your skin and eyes are yellow with jaundice, seek medical attention and do not do this flush.

Supplies you will need: Organic tart green apples – get as many as you think you might like to eat all day 1-3 Organic lemons, squeezed to make ½ cup fresh lemon juice ¼ cup Olive oil


For one day, eat only tart green apples – as many as you want.  Drink only water and plain herbal tea if desired.

At night before going to bed, mix together the fresh lemon juice and olive oil.  Drink it down quickly. This is the hardest part, but you can do it.

Go to sleep on your right side with your leg pulled up to squeeze your abdomen on that side.

That’s it.  When you wake up in the morning your bowels should move and the infamous “pellets” will be expelled.  Most people report feeling nicely cleaned out, healthier, and more vibrant at this point.

How often to do this?

For most people, once is enough to start.  Rarely I have seen someone repeat the flush about 3-5 days later because they felt the need to.  After this as long as you make other healthy lifestyle changes doing the flush every Spring is a great idea, or use it only as needed.

Energy of the Flush:

The Liver and Gall Bladder belong to the Wood Element.  The flavor associated with Wood is sour and the color is green.

The tart green apples have a natural affinity to Wood because of their color and flavor.  In addition, the pectin in the apples helps to soften accumulations – like stones.

Once the pectin has softened the accumulations, the sour lemon juice has a constricting action, while the olive oil will cause bile to flush out in order to emulsify it for digestion.  This squeeze/release action is the Flush.

The olive oil also acts like a lubricant in the intestines so that they can empty more efficiently – good news for the Liver, and as a way to expel the toxins released by flushing the liver.

Variation:  If you feel like this is too much, there is a great 28-day variation outlined in the Healing With Whole Foods book.

Additional Supplements:

For anyone who has their gall bladder removed, or in the case of being prone to gall stone issues, I recommend considering a supplement of Milk Thistle.  This herb has a long and safe history of use in supporting liver health.  However, it is known to interact with a variety of medications including birth control, anti-psychotics, some allergy pills, some seizure medications, and more.  If you are taking any other herbs or prescribed medications be sure to consult with a qualified health care practitioner prior to taking this supplement.

Essential Oil Compress:

(see the video overview)

Make an essential oil blend to apply topically over the liver area (right side of the rib cage, under the ribs).  This blend helps to clear damp heat and invigorate blood.  The oils used have known benefits to the liver and gall bladder.

1 oz Carrier Oil – I suggest 20% Cucumber Seed Botanical Oil* if available, to 80% plain carrier oil such as coconut, jojoba, sweet almond, apricot, or olive.

*My favorite source for Cucumber Seed Botanical Oil is

Essential Oils:

Turmeric              6d.
Black Pepper       4d.
Lemon                 6d.
Grapefruit            4d.

Variation:  You can make a 1 oz blend with only Turmeric (12d) and Black Pepper (10d) if desired.

Apply this blend each night before bed.  Leave your hands on top for several minutes so the heat from your hands allows the oils to penetrate more deeply.  Use for 1-3 months, then take a break.


(see the video demonstration)

“Rocking the Baby Dragon” is a wonderful exercise that helps to increase circulation in the ribs and torso directly where the liver and gall bladder are located.

Stand in a relaxed and comfortable position.

Raise the hands, palm up, fingertips touching, in front of the solar plexus area.  Elbows are bent and pointed straight out to the sides.

Inhale, and guide your left elbow up towards the ceiling.  Allow your eyes to softly follow the path.

Exhale and come back to center.

Inhale, and guide your right elbow up towards the ceiling.  Allow your eyes to softly follow the path.

Exhale and come back to center.

Slowly, with your breath, repeat this movement 8-24 times on each side.

Remember to focus on the feeling of contracting and expanding your rib cage.

Additional Treatments:

If you would like additional support with balancing your body back to health, all of the following are excellent choices – see which ones you connect with:

  • Chinese Herbs
  • Massage Therapy
  • Medical QiGong Energy Healing
  • 5-Element Nutrition
  • Tai Chi and QiGong
  • Yoga

These therapies are available at the Oriental Healing Arts Center in Anchorage Alaska, or find a qualified practitioner in your area.