Make Easy Essential Oil Blends for the Holidays

By Cynthia McMullen
Originally posted December 2016


essential oils for holiday gifts#1:  Diffuse a festive blend in the air.

Use these in an electric diffuser, or simply in a bowl with boiled water poured on top.

NOTE: The amounts below make 1 use in the diffuser which will last 1-3 hours.  To make a larger amount for multiple use or to make stocking stuffers, multiply the drops of oil by 10 or less.  For example, 3 drops of Peppermint x 10 = 30 drops.

Christmas Candy
(recipe via Kathryn Sharp, White Sage Landing)

3d Peppermint
1d Clove
1d Nutmeg – or substitute Allspice
3d Green Mandarin (or any Orange oil)
1d Vanilla – if you’re doing this in a bowl with boiled water, you can substitute  1/8 tsp cooking vanilla for the essential oil.

Winter Wonderland

3d Douglas Fir
2d Peppermint
1d Allspice
3d Orange


4d Frankincense
3d Myrrh
Note this blend works best in a bowl with boiled water as the resin quality of Myrrh tends to clog an electric diffuser.

Make stocking stuffers by getting some bulk quantity Sample Vials and filling them with your blend. Print a label on your computer, and wrap it around.  Each vial will last for several uses of the blend.

Or keep it simple with any single Tree oil such as Pine, Fir, or Spruce.  Not only do these smell woodsy refreshing, they help clean the air and support the health of our lungs.

#2:  Make an Aromatic Salt Scrub

With some small decorative storage jars, you can make this into a larger batch and create a fabulous gift to give others.

In a bowl, mix together:

  • 1 cup coarse sea salt + a little extra if needed
  • 1/2 cup carrier oil such as jojoba, liquid coconut, sweet almond, or a mixture of these
  • Optional if you have it: 1 Tsp Cucumber Seed Botanical Oil
  • 10-20 drops total Essential Oils.

For a tropical Thai aroma I use Lime, Massoia, Plai, Lawang, & Lemongrass

For a luxurious romantic bath try Ginger Lily and Cardamom together

To relax and get away from it all combine Rose Geranium, Lavender, & Bergamot

Stir together and transfer to a glass jar with a lid.  Use 1 large spoonful in a hot bath, and about 1 tbsp per foot & leg in a spa style scrub.

There are all kinds of jars available in a variety of sizes that you can use to package up your Foot Spa Salt Scrub for the special people on your list.  This makes a great gift for Massage Therapists to give to your regular clients too!

#3:  Create a Room Spritz

Add some quick ambience, refresh the air during and after a party, or just to jazz up cleaning day.  These also make a great gift!

In a 1oz Spritzer Bottle combine:

Use plain water or an Aromatic Hydrosol such as Spruce, Pine, or another type of Tree as the carrier base.

Blend #1:
2d Rosemary
2d Eucalyptus
2d Thyme
3d Lemon
1d Cinnamon

Blend #2:
4d May Chang or Lemon Tea Tree
4d Peppermint
2d Eucalyptus

Blend #3:
3d Palo Santo
3d White Sage
3d Douglas Fir

I hope this gets your creative juices flowing. Have fun & smell wonderful this holiday season!

~Cynthia McMullen, Essential Oil Instructor Alaska Institute of Oriental Medicine, Acupuncture & Massage Therapy

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