INSIGHT Stuck Emotions in Earth Element

By Cynthia McMullen
Originally posted 2014

Insight: Last night in class we were discussing the Earth Element and how the emotion of “worry” or “rumination” wears down our Earth Qi.

“Rumination” is like chewing on something, then bringing it back up rather than swallowing it and allowing it to digest.

This made me think of the times we have some kind of emotionally impacting EVENT, and then can’t seem to get that event out of our minds – it keeps popping back up into our thoughts, or we keep bringing it back up in our conversations.

We say “why can’t I just LET IT GO??” Here’s the insight: We don’t have enough Earth Qi to finish chewing and swallow it so it can digest. If it’s in our digestive system (Metal Element) we can let it go – but it’s not getting there.

This also makes a lot of sense with an old esoteric treatment that uses a series of points along the Stomach (Earth) meridian to clear toxic emotions that overwhelm us to the point of not being able to function normally.

I think it would be worth the effort to strengthen our Earth Element in the case of emotional events we can’t seem to process and let go. How do we do this? Here’s a few ways off the top of my head, I’m sure there’s many more:

Do these with a conscious intention to allow the emotional event to process and be purged.

1. Abdominal massage with essential oils. We could even use an oil specific to the type of emotion or event. (Emotional Energy of Aroma is my essential oil workshop topic for April)

2. Moxa Belly Bowl with 64-point acupressure treatment to the lower legs, emphasis on the ST & SP meridians.

3. Acupuncture along the ST meridian while receiving Medical QiGong Qi emission to the middle burner.

Also consider doing a short cleansing fast or home enema (internal bath) AFTER one of the above treatments, and only if it feels right. In some cases the bodywork may need to be repeated several times, sometimes once will do the job.

This follows the treatment concept I find immensely effective of putting the body in the right circumstances energetically to heal, and allowing it to use it’s own internal intelligence to handle the details. In this way, we don’t concern ourselves with figuring out HOW to emotionally resolve the event, we ALLOW the event to resolve.

If this sparks any insights for you, or you work with this concept I would love to hear your feedback on it. Thanks!