Digestive Massage Treatment

By Cynthia McMullen
Originally posted April 2015

What happens when you combine Massage Therapy and Oriental medicine? Awesomeness!

Meet one of our new Dream Team members, Starla Brewer, LMT. Our Dream Team therapists are some of our best alumni who are mentoring directly under our instructors to learn and practice combination Massage Therapy and Oriental medicine non-needle techniques for specific symptoms.

This month Starla is offering our special Digestive Massage Treatment, 45-minutes, only $65. Here’s what she has to say about it:

“I was drawn to this treatment due to 1st hand experience I’ve had with digestive issues. I didn’t realize what a difference it would make until going to massage school here and doing the treatment in class. Until my digestion started to actually feel good, I didn’t even know how not-good it had been.

I really like doing this treatment because people have so many digestive issues. Many people get surgery for them. This treatment is a really nice way to help. It also reminds people that self-care is important.

People usually feel good immediately after the treatment, but it’s especially noticeable over the next few days when you eat and have a different experience – noticeably better. This is some of the feedback I’ve gotten from people:

Feel so good I don’t have the desire to eat foods that normally bother me.

  • Less bloating.
  • Tightness and heaviness is gone, don’t feel weighed down.
  • Can feel things loosening up and moving instead of just sitting in my intestines.
  • Feel overall better, more energy.
  • Happy! It’s a happiness you get when your body is doing something it’s supposed to.

Also, several people have reported that it relieved their low back pain. It seems that if there’s constipation or slow digestion, that build up puts pressure on the low back from the inside.

Here’s what I do in the treatment:

  • Back massage first, Tui Na Acupressure style, to open one of the main meridians in the body to get the energy flowing, and it also prepares the body for the treatment.
  • After turning face up, I do some gentle rubbing/warming through the sheet.
  • Your abdomen is very modestly exposed.
  • First there is an abdominal massage with oil. Sometimes I use essential oils on a case-by-case basis, or if you request them. I tend to not use essential oils if someone’s digestion and constitution is very delicate, or if someone is to the point of considering surgery. In those cases you have to be really careful.
  • Next I do some Cupping – either gliding cup, or static cups if you have chronic constipation or need something more intense. This really gets things moving nicely!
  • Then I like to end with gentle abdominal massage again.

Most people report they get noticeable results over the next 2-3 days. If someone really wants to improve problem digestion, I recommend they get this done at least 3-6 weeks in a row, or until you can maintain good digestion on your own. The idea is to get your digestion moving efficiently on its own so you only need this as a general health maintenance tune-up once each season.