Gall Stones from an Energetic Point of View

By Cynthia McMullen
Originally posted May 2016

Q: Can you discuss Gall Stones from an energetic point of view?
A: Sure, this is how we talk about them in Medical QiGong Energy Healing. First, our Gall Bladder is called “The Decision Maker”, and it’s important to understand that the act of Making a Decision has a huge amount of power and energy that goes with it.
Think about that for a moment – we can go from being wishy washy or not knowing what to do, but as soon as we make a firm decision ALL of our energy in the form of thoughts and actions takes a solid direction and has a force of movement to it.
Gall Stones form when we have things in life that we want to do – to move forward or act on – but we let that energy stagnate and it builds up into a physical accumulation of non-action. For example,
  1. we don’t make the decision with the energy of power to act, (ie, tomorrow, next year, after I have more money or time…)
  2. we are in conflict between who we think we are and the desired action. (ie, oh, but I could never do that – even if I wanted to.)
  3. our love of something is put down (insulted) by external expectations (ie, we are an artist, yet our family structure places a very strong value on financial success – lawyer – doctor….. Our love of art is put down in many ways, and we end up feeling like we would be a failure or disinherited, or too dreamy airy fairy to follow our childish desire.)
When we say “I want to but I can’t do that because…” , the gall stone is our excuse for non-action. It can also be related to another element: Water = too fearful to act Earth = too stubborn to act Metal = too judgemental to act Fire = not enough connection to love to act Wood = too stuck or oppressed to act
What do we do about this? First, we become aware of our story – what we are thinking and saying that is holding us back in some way. Next we change this story into something that is positive, believable, and allows for forward movement. Then we release and dissipate the energy of the old story while bringing the energy of the new story through a direct series of meridian pathways that help us to integrate it into ourselves.