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Kep Pierce

Dao Shima Susan told Kep that Thoracic Kyphosis could be improved with Tai Chi stances. After a couple of months of diligent and committed tai chi practice Kep noticed a big difference in her posture. One day, while talking to Dao Shima about tai chi and her posture challenges Kep decided to attend massage school. Kep saw a career in massage therapy as a way to continue her healing process and a way to help other people in their healing process.

At the awesome age of 65 years Kep graduated massage therapy school and became a practicing massage therapist. She feels this is proof you are never too old to live your life and dream. She encourages people, no matter what their age, to continue growing and trying new things.

Kep shows great care and concern for her clients. She has a nurturing and healing touch that allows her to assist her clients to relax and let go of tensions. She feels this process is sometimes not so easy to accomplish by yourself. Kep feels that the relaxation response brings the person to a state of peacefulness and contentment. In addition to her nurturing and healing attitude Kep brings compassion and empathy to comfort her clients. Kep’s goal for each massage session is as simple as it is beautiful – to help the person feel better, the smiles to come more easily, and the day to be brighter.

A career in massage therapy and Kep’s continued growth in this area introduces her to concepts she would otherwise not have encountered. The best part of this learning is when she shares these new concepts with her clients.

Kep is very civically minded. She has worked with many community councils in the Anchorage area. For example, she represented Mountain View at the Federation of Community Councils 20 years and continues to be involved their largest ongoing project, annual spring clean – up. She is also, on committees for Parks and Recreation and the Parks Foundation planning upgrades for the Mountain View Boys and Girls Club grounds, North Russian Jack park, and Chester Creek handicapped nature trail. If you ask Kep what her perfect day would be, she will tell you the day would be split into a few portions. She loves to shop at used book stores, take the books home and spend the evening reading. She would also put in there some volunteer community service. Of course, a perfect day would not be complete without a couple of massage therapy sessions.

A list of Kep’s accomplishments that pertain to her massage therapy career are:

  • certified QiGong teacher
  • certified Tuina Medical Acupressure massage therapist
  • studied cupping & facial acupressure
  • Licensed massage therapist
  • Senior massage therapist
Specializing in massage therapy for seniors Kep can give a very effective and nurturing massage with a light touch.
“I appreciate Kep’s experience with older adults. Her gentle yet effective techniques have improved my circulation and range of motion. I highly recommend her.” – John Snead

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