Two Ways to Find Answers From the True Self

By Cynthia McMullen
Originally posted 2001

Issue Solving MeditationsHave you ever experienced confusion? Felt unsure about a decision you made or need to make? Or just didn’t know how you felt about something?

Many times these situations happen because the body- mind- spirit are not acting together. You can tell the difference because when they are harmonious, you have a sense of calmness and clarity in your thoughts, decisions, and actions.

Following are two different Issue Solving Meditations:

1. The Body as an Oracle

Think of a situation that you are having problems with. For example: unhappy with current job; second thoughts about ending a toxic relationship; an argument you had with someone and can’t let go of; someone has asked you to do something you really don’t want to do and you don’t know how to say ‘no’; anything else you can think of.

Sit down, begin to breathe slowly, and close your eyes. Take a few minutes to allow your body to become calm and your mind to quiet down some.

Think of the situation and notice how your body feels. Notice WHERE in your body you feel the discomfort of being unsure. Do you feel it in your stomach? In your lungs? In your lower back? Somewhere else? Notice any physical symptoms or muscle tension related to the situation.

Now, imagine one action that you could possibly take. For example, if your situation is dealing with the breakup of a relationship, imagine that one action you could take is to call the person. It doesn’t matter what the action is, it’s just a possibility.

Allow yourself to feel the action scenario in your body. When you imagine the scenario of taking this action, what happens to your body? Do you notice tension or discomfort anywhere? Does your breathing change? Does your heart beat faster? Do you feel any other symptoms of uneasiness?

Or does your body relax and open? Does your heart feel at ease? Does your mind become calm and a smile come across your face?

Continue to imagine different action scenarios that you could possibly take. You have many options, and one of them will get you to that serene smile.

Remember that sometimes an action, a viable option, can include changing your perspective, your reaction, your attitude.

2. Written Insights From the Center of Your Being

Begin with 3-Centered Meditation, or quiet sitting

Light a candle and place in front of you

Breathe slow, gentle, & deep while gazing at the candle

Imagine the candle is in your own dan tien

Close your eyes and maintain the image of the candle inside you

Using pen/pencil and paper, ask your question (your “issue”), writing it down

Begin to write anything and everything that comes into your mind

Notice where in your body you feel what is coming up

Take a break when you need to, and re-center

Become aware of the deeper issues involved and accept yourself

Allow change to happen because of your insights

End by sitting quietly for a few minutes