What To Do With Expensive Essential Oils

By Cynthia McMullen
Originally posted 2014

What To Do With Expensive Essential OilsWhat can you do with those really expensive & nice essential oils like pure White Rose?

We often purchase them in small vials because the cost can be so high for a 5ml size bottle. In the picture here, the 3 small bottles are 1/24th of 1 oz. It takes about 6 of them to make a 5ml size, which is the next size up with the white cap.

One thing I like to do is to get a 1/2 oz (approx 15ml) bottle (shown on the right), pour the entire 1/24th size vial of oil into it, then fill with Jojoba. Because jojoba is a wax, not an oil, it has an extremely long shelf life. I have a couple essential oils in jojoba that are at least 15 years old and still smell good!

In diluting the expensive oil in a small amount of jojoba, you still get a beautifully rich aroma, and you can now use small amounts of this in a larger blend without using all the precious essential oil.

Very special essential oils can be saved for very special occasions, or used in personal blends to honor the beauty in yourself ~ a little well-deserved self love 

Rose has a heavy and sweet note so you don’t need much, and it will linger in the background of the overall aroma which is really nice. Use it in combination with a traditional Attar, or try it like this:
Rose + Cardamom = romantic
Rose + Sage = mystery of the Yin
Rose + Black Pepper = wild and untamed

These could all be made into hand/body creams, bath oils, or after-shower moisturizing blends. One more use is to add just 1 drop of Rose to whatever facial blend you make for yourself.

Enjoy! And let me know what you end up doing with your Rose / White Rose oil.