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Study at our school in Alaska from anywhere in the world! Our online learning program uses beautiful workbooks and training videos. Becoming certified in Essential Oils can make the difference between a hobby and a Healing Art. If you love essential oils, why not learn how to really use them and get the most out of these awesome little bottles?!

No matter what brand of oils you prefer, when you are a Certified Aromatherapist through Alaska Institute of Oriental Medicine, Acupuncture & Massage Therapy, it means that you have done a lot more than just read about them in a book or learned a few things at a party. Our certification requires actual usage of research and an abundant variety of techniques. It means you are knowledgeable, safe, effective, and confident in proper Essential Oil use.

The certification course consists of 12 individual workshops (listed below), each with homework. Jump in and start at any time to begin giving substance and creativity with a flair to your use of Essential Oils.

Who these essential oil courses ARE for:

  • You love natural methods of healing and are fascinated by Chinese Medicine, the Five Elements, and Energy Work.
  • You are not getting enough use out of your essential oils—or the type of therapeutic use that you really want.
  • You put effort, enthusiasm, and curiosity into what you learn and appreciate doing the work needed to actually be good at something. (Learning is FUN!)
  • You have an open mind and are excited to explore incredibly cool insights and creative thoughts that you discover along the way, especially when they take you outside the box.

Who these essential oil courses are NOT for:

  • You really prefer the chemistry and technical side of essential oils. (Yes, that’s important but not my focus.)
  • You know you won’t do any of the homework.
  • Your main interest is economically driven as opposed to learning knowledge and skills that benefit others.
  • You only read headlines and skip the actual article. My info is packed with meaty details, so if you prefer short-and-sweet surface info, this is not it.

Essential Oils Course

Alaska Institute’s Essential Oil Courses help people go from looking at their unused bottles of oils, to passionately using essential oils for healing and therapeutic purposes in ways that are safe, effective, and unusually creative.

Online Course Series

Learn to use essential oilsEO 1 Connecting with the Plant Spirit, How Essential Oils Can Change Your Life

EO 2 Safety Considerations You MUST Know

EO 3 Topical Application – Thru the Skin

EO 4 Emotional Energy of Aroma

EO 5 Ingesting Essential Oils Safely

EO 6A Amazing Benefits of Suppositories

EO 6B Dental, Healthy Mouth

EO 6C Using Essential Oils with Pets

EO 7 Making Therapeutic Blends

EO 8 All about Flower Essences

Instructor: Cynthia McMullen

Cynthia McMullen
Cynthia McMullen

Cynthia is our expert in using the highest quality organic therapeutic grade essential oils for internal and external applications with formulas based in traditional Oriental medicine principals. These customized blends are used to balance and heal the body mind and soul. Cynthia is Internationally Certified in Aromatherapy by the Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy.


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