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Student clinics are a great way to receive bodywork services at a reduced price, and your feedback is essential to the growth of our students as they prepare to enter a professional field.

Our students all go through intense internal training and must be approved by instructors before they begin their clinical training hours.

For students, clinic training is one of the most important learning experiences they have. We greatly appreciate support from the general public, and are proud to provide you with a great service from our professionals-in-training.

Student Massage Clinic

Receive the benefits of massage while helping students practice the skills they are learning. Our students practice daily meditation, and already have several months of hands-on experience before entering the student clinic. If you have achy feet, sore neck and shoulders, or just need an all-over general relaxation massage, our student clinic provides the perfect place to unwind, and at a great price too!

$55 – 1 Hour General Relaxation Massage

$35 – 30-Minute De-Stress Back Massage

$23 – 15 Minute Chair Massage

$55 – 1 Hour Thai Massage Floor Pattern

$65 – 90 Minute Thai Massage Floor & Seated Pattern

What’s the difference between Swedish (General Relaxation) and Thai Massage? Learn More Here

Please understand that students may not treat health conditions or injuries that require professional knowledge and experience.

Show up 10 minutes early to your first appointment to complete required paperwork.

Walk-in service by availability
Clinic Hours:
Mon-Fri 10-8, Sat 10-7, Sun 12-5
Appointments: 907-279-0135

Little Shaolin Advanced Massage Clinic

Little Shaolin Advanced Massage Clinic

This teaching clinic of Oriental medicine non-needle techniques uses a variety of interesting and highly effective modalities to treat all non-emergency pain and health issues, or even to satisfy your curiosity. Overseen by our Oriental medicine instructors, interns working with advanced Massage Therapy, Medical QiGong, and Essential Oils gain the opportunity to both observe and assist to their ability level.

Treatments used include:

  • Moxa
  • Cupping
  • Gua Sha
  • Auricular Therapy
  • Medical QiGong Energy Healing
  • Tui Na Acupressure
  • Chinese Medical Aromatherapy
  • Vibrational Tuning Forks

45-minute treatment: $75

Appointments: 907-279-0135
Walk-In: by availability

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