Mysterious and Powerful: Energy Healing

By Cynthia McMullen
Originally Published October 30, 2016

Many people are drawn to Energy Healing and have a gnawing curiosity about it.  If you find yourself in this position, read on and enjoy.

Energy Healing is mysterious, powerful, and deeply personal.  There are many sensations, thoughts, emotions, memories, visualizations, and more that are experienced by both the giver and the receiver.  Sometimes these are almost difficult to describe because they can be so unusual to what we recognize as normal, so it is strange to put words to what we feel.

We have found the strong majority of people describe these experiences as physically pleasant and deeply relaxing.  At the same time, profound emotional shifts can occur that seem to directly precipitate internal healing that happens on many levels – including physical symptoms.

The following short case studies are real experiences noted by students in the Medical QiGong Energy Healing Class, and also participants in several of the special Energy Healing Clinics we have offered.

We hope these leave you with a sense of wonder, excitement, and possibility. Magical moments exist in our lives and we don’t have to explain them to benefit from them.

#1: Energy Healing Clinic Reports From Giver and Receiver

During one of our Medical QiGong energy healing clinics, I worked alone on a recipient while Cynthia (the instructor) guided us through the Medical QiGong healing pattern.

The person had his eyes closed and seemed relaxed while lying on the table. Partway through the pattern, he suddenly opened his eyes and looked around. Then he relaxed again and kept his eyes closed for the rest of the treatment.

I felt a good connection in my hands with his energy and also warmth in my hands while working on him.

When we were done and Cynthia asked the recipients for feedback, he was very excited and said that he felt something like out-of-body sensations several times during the treatment. He said that he opened his eyes once because he felt as if he was falling off the table, but he realized that his body hadn’t moved at all. He could feel energy moving inside him throughout the treatment.

This was a very positive experience for him and also for me.

During a follow-up Medical QiGong clinic the next week, I teamed up with a classmate to again work on the same recipient. Cynthia guided us through the energy healing pattern again.

The recipient’s energy field felt even stronger to me this time as we went through the healing pattern. About halfway through, he suddenly whispered, with excitement, “I’m floating!” I whispered back, “Enjoy it!”

My healing partner used the pendulum above his chakras during the treatment, and the pendulum spun very fast in big circles over each chakra.

Near the end of the healing pattern, when Cynthia instructed us to “Pump the Energy” over each of the three Dan Tians, I had trouble pumping down into his energy field with my hands because it had expanded so much. It was pushing back strongly against my hands as I tried to push down.

At the end, the recipient was again very excited about the treatment and reported that he felt as if he was floating above the table while we worked on him.

This was another very positive experience for both the recipient and for the two of us who did the energy healing treatment.

#2: Energy Healing Treatment Following a Heart Attack

While visiting a family member out of state 2 years ago, I had the opportunity to perform a Medical QiGong energy healing pattern we had practiced in class on a middle-aged family friend who had recently experienced a heart attack. He was out of the hospital at that point and was working on life changes to strengthen his heart and his overall health.

The recipient was very open-minded about trying the treatment, which involved the use of crystals in conjunction with the Medical QiGong hand movements. He was familiar with concepts of Medical QiGong energy healing but had never experienced energy healing before.

He appeared to be very relaxed and kept his eyes closed during the treatment, which took about half an hour. When it was over, he reported that he felt calmer, more peaceful, and more relaxed and said that it was a positive experience.

He expressed interest in learning how to do the basic QiGong meditation that the energy healing pattern was based on, so he could continue to work with that at home. I demonstrated how to do the hand movements and also followed up later by emailing him some written instructions.

A month later, he emailed me to report that he was feeling very good and that he was doing the meditation every night before heading to bed. He shared the following: “The meditation helps me purge the daily grind and focus on centering positive thoughts and resting. The follow-up doctor visits confirm my self-diagnosis.”

The great news is that he is continuing to do well two years after the heart attack.

#3: Distance Energy Healing from 4,000 Miles Away

In 2009, I called the assisted-living home where my mom was living (4,000 miles away from Alaska) and asked to speak with her. The director of the home took the phone to my mom and immediately realized that something was wrong with her and that she was experiencing some kind of serious health crisis.

They called an ambulance, and my mom was rushed to the hospital. The director followed the ambulance to the hospital and, once there, reported to me that it didn’t look good and that my mom was fading fast. The doctors didn’t know what was wrong with her, but she was just fading away, as if going into a coma type of state. Her organs were fine, but she was dying.

I had a very strong bond with my mom, and I was not going to just give up on her so easily. I knew that distance energy healing could be very powerful, and I had experimented with it off and on over the years.

I grabbed two very large natural (uncut) crystals, held them against my chest (Heart Center), and began focusing my attention fully on my mom while repeating healing mantras silently in my head, asking the Universe to heal my mom with love and light in that moment and thanking the Universe for healing my mom.

My focus was so clear and so intense. There was nothing else in that moment except my mom and me and my love for her and my appreciation for those in Spirit who were channeling love and healing energy to my mom.

I could feel in my heart that I had made a genuine connection. I had a sense of peace as if everything was going to be okay, and I went to bed.

The next morning, I called my dad to see how my mom was doing. He was in my mom’s hospital room with my brother and my sister-in-law. Dad said that Mom was dying. The doctors thought that she would pass at any time. My heart sank. We began to talk about making funeral arrangements.

All at once, I heard my sister-in-law exclaiming, “She opened her eyes! She’s smiling at me!”

My mom had awakened and was smiling at my family members who were there with her. She was very weak, and she required some special care after that, but she lived a good life for two more months. Those two months gave me the opportunity to fly down and spend several wonderful days with her.

When she did pass away two months after she had nearly died, she left in exactly the same way, just fading out of her body—very peacefully, I think.

I can’t say with certainty that the distance energy healing work that I did for my mom helped extend her life, but I believe that it played a part in her recovery, as did, I’m sure, all of the prayers and good wishes that she received from other loved ones.

#4: Receiving a Distant Energy Healing

I had arranged to receive some distant energy healing, and we had agreed on the day and time it would happen.  These are the notes I made immediately after the experience.

I set a timer to go off at 3:35pm, then laid down a few minutes before 3:00 and started to breathe/meditate and I intended to allow the energetic connection.

Several minutes into it all, I saw (in my mind) an eye.  It saw me and the pupil became a whirlpool that sucked in everything around me, then stopped. For the next few minutes I felt tingling movement, slight pressure going up and down my body.  I had a light spasm in my right lower leg.

At some point – I would guess 8-10 minutes, my teeth started to spontaneously move like shivering, only there was no tension or sensation of being cold at all.  I just allowed it, and this came and went in rushes for maybe 2-3 minutes.

After this, I felt a variety of energetic pressure type sensations.  At one point it was very clearly underneath me, then changed to where I could clearly feel over me, on my left side, then right side, at my head.

I “saw” eyes several times.  A man that looked like Jesus (I’m kind of laughing here because I don’t follow any Christian religion) looked at me and as his eyes came closer he was looking directly into my right eye and I had intense energy sensations there for a while.

My teeth shook again, just briefly.

I felt more energetic pressure sensations moving up and down my overall body.  At a certain point the sensations became very vibrational, like my entire body was floating and vibrating at a very fast rate.

Then it all stopped and I only felt myself, very quiet and peaceful, altered mind state was gone and I knew it just ended.  After a moment I picked up the timer and I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it was 3:33.

It was a wonderful experience!

#5: Practicing Energy Healing at Home

My husband has been a wonderfully cooperative and appreciative recipient of my energy healing treatments for quite some time.

We have recently been working on two specific areas of concern.  The first is his difficulty maintaining restful sleep, and the second is pain and soreness in his legs which occurs when he stands still for a sustained period of time.

I like to do a little qigong with him before we begin.  I often use crystals and a lovely essential oil spritz to complement each treatment.

I applied a lavender/sage essential oil blend in a carrier oil to his wrists and ankles, as suggested by Cynthia in her Essential Oils Insomnia video.  With relaxing music and dim lights, I administered the energy pattern we practiced most recently in class.

Extending my arms above his reclining body and lowering my hands until I felt a shift in energy, I began the treatment using my hands moving above his body to strengthen and facilitate movement of qi.

I could feel the qi become fuller as I worked.  His breathing became slower and deeper as his body relaxed.  He fell asleep.

The incidence of broken sleep has lessened following treatments and it is easier for him to fall back asleep once awakened.  The pain in his legs, although still present, has become less limiting.

I think energy work is somewhat of a “two-fer”.  Not only does the recipient benefit from the experience, but as the practitioner, I come away from each experience with renewed energy and feeling absolutely wonderful!

#6: Playing Around in Energy Healing Opens to Other Experiences

Several years ago I was working on an automobile. In the 70’s and 80’s once retired you often bought a Lincoln or Cadillac car.

A woman brought in a Lincoln car that just would not run right. Sometimes it would be fine but many times it was unreliable. She had taken it to many different shops and spent quite a bit of money trying to fix it. The car ended up in my shop.

I was doing all of the usual tests when I noticed what I can only call an odd energy about the car. I glanced up about the same time the car started running really bad.

There in the back seat was her deceased husband. Not for real, but in the spiritual realm. I had to convince him to make his journey. It took about an hour or so but he finally left.

The car ran great after this. I couldn’t explain to the owner what I did and I didn’t charge her anything. She was ecstatic! She had spent a lot of money on the car with no results. I told her I didn’t know what it was or how it got fixed.

#7: How I Feel Receiving Energy Healing

On receiving energy healing, most times I feel warmth or tingly sensations in my fingers or hands.  Sometimes my body will twitch or spontaneously move.

The last time I was on the table on 8/21/16, I felt very strong sensation from my head to my waist, also down my arms.  It was the most intense feeling I ever had – in a very good way. I had to slowly rise from the table and sit for a few minutes to recover from that experience. It left me feeling great!

#8: My Experience Learning Medical QiGong

My experience with Medical QiGong has been incredible. In January 2015 I had very little knowledge of Qi Gong. I knew it had something to do with vibration which equaled sound, right? I’ve discovered through my journey that sound is the ice cube on the iceberg.

My health was in bad shape. I was sleeping when I was not working and I was beginning to have migraines every week. After going to a doctor that told me chronic fatigue syndrome was in my head I decided it was time to look into alternative medicine.

In February 2015 I began to get massage and medical qigong energy healing. My life began to transform. Slowly I was sleeping a little less each week, gaining energy and looking forward to what each day would bring. Now 20 months after starting my journey with medical qigong I have more energy and motivation than I have had in the last 15 years.

We are energetic beings. By encouraging my own energy to flow and with Cynthia’s help my health is better at 50 than it was at 35. The healing has touched me through my emotions and physical status. I have gone from working a desk job and sleeping to becoming a Massage Therapist with time and energy for other activities.

I am still working on the healing process. With the support of a therapist, Cynthia, at Oriental Healing Arts and the support and compassion of the whole staff I am healing and growing in the most wonderful ways.