Acupuncture looks at us as a Whole person, and when there are health symptoms or things about our life we want to change, we find what is out of balance and then correct it.

For example, to Lose Weight does not just mean we have to go on a diet. Acupuncture looks at the Qi of our digestive system to make sure it’s strong enough to break down – assimilate – and eliminate what we’re eating right now. Sometimes the problem is not eating too much, it’s strengthening our digestive organs which have probably gotten tired from too much stress or chronic improper diet in our past history. In this case it doesn’t matter how much we restrict our intake if we never do anything to make our Spleen/Pancreas/Stomach stronger.

In another example to Quit Smoking, two of the biggest ways Acupuncture helps is that it makes cigarette smoke taste HORRIBLE, and it starts to detoxify and strengthen our lungs. Imagine being able to give some love back to lungs that have been abused for years!