Mini-Workshop Series For General Public, No Experience Needed

The 5-Elements of Chinese medicine (Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal) can seem so mysterious and so interesting at the same time. Have you ever wanted to learn more about them in a way that doesn’t strain your brain? This is your chance!

Join instructor Cynthia McMullen, who has been teaching the very popular 5-Elements class in our massage therapy program for the past 21 years. She’ll be breaking this information down for the general public so you can apply some all natural 5-Element methods to your daily life.

5-Element information is excellent for:

Enhancing health

Balancing emotions

Making informed decisions

Deepening meditation and mind-body practices

Cost: $245 for the full series, or call to take individual elements for $49 each

Location: Massage Now classroom; 2606 Spenard Rd., Anchorage

Register: 907-279-7669 or online at AKInstitute.com


Sun 7/7/24, 5-7pm   WATER ELEMENT

Mon 7/8/24, 5-7pm  WOOD ELEMENT

Sun 7/14/24, 5-7pm  FIRE ELEMENT

Mon 7/15/24, 5-7pm EARTH ELEMENT

Sun 7/21/24, 5-7pm  METAL ELEMENT

What You Will Learn:

Each element covers basic health issues, emotional complexes, and solid tips for balancing these on yourself using special acupressure, qigong, and simple dietary choices.