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Want To Try Acupuncture Try This First


Want To Try Acupuncture? Try This First!

There is a wonderful treatment we call an “Acupuncture Clearing”.
  It’s like going into the energetic space of your body and cleaning, dusting, and scrubbing the surface area so we can see what we really have to work with.
We highly recommend this as either a first treatment, or done fairly close to the time of beginning a series of Acupuncture treatments.

How Is It Done?
A total of 12 Needles are gently inserted in a series of very special points along the spine called “Shu Points”.  While they are in, you can lay on a massage table or sit in a massage chair and rest for about 45 or so minutes.
What to Expect
This treatment works over the next 72 hours (3 days).  People are so different there is no standard to say exactly what you will experience, however most people report a shift in physical symptoms, or a change in attitude.  Sometimes symptoms can feel worse at first, but there is something different about them and they go away faster than usual.  At the same time, it’s not unusual for a number of seemingly unrelated symptoms to go away.  One example of this is a person who came in for leg pain and had the ringing in their ears subside.
Follow-Up Treatments
We like to schedule you back in about 1 week after the Clearing.  At this time the Acupuncturist will ask some questions, feel your pulses, and decide on course of direction.
We love it when we can help you achieve your health goals, experience a more balanced life, and then use Acupuncture proactively to maintain your new high level of health – the way it was originally intended.
What Does It Cost?
We have 2 options for the Clearing Treatment:
  • Private appointment with Professional Acupuncturist: $120
  • Acupuncture Student Clinic: $65
Follow up treatments are very reasonable and range in price from $30 - $90 depending on your choice of Community Clinic, Student Clinic, or Private Professional.
Call us to Schedule Today:   907-279-0135


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