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Tai Chi and QiGong Instructor Training

Tao Shih Pei Wo Lun
Master Teacher/Master Healer
Tao Shih Pei Wo Lun
Contact us at 907-279-0135 for an interview if you are interested in Instructor Training.

Instructor Training:
Tai Chi 10"
Tai Chi 24
Tai Chi 108
Hsing Yi and Chen Styles
Advanced, Martial Arts

Certification, Award of Taoist Titles:
Lao Shih (Teacher)
Da Lao Shih (Greater Teacher)
Shifu (Master Teacher - male)
Shima (Master Teacher - female)

Master Tai Chi and QiGong Instructor
Tao Shih Pei Wo Lun, Shifu Warren Pretlow, CMT, OBT, TS
Tao Shih means "Teacher of the Tao, or Teacher of the Way"

Shifu, a special title that is earned in the martial arts community, is a Chinese word that means Master Teacher. Tao Shih Pei Wo Lun is a master of Taoist internal arts. He has been a practitioner of Taijiquan, QiGong Meditation, and various mind, body and spirit healing modalities for over 30 years. In 1985, after 6 years of dedicated study, Shifu was certified to teach Taijiquan and QiGong by his Taoist mentor Lao Ma (Almanzo Lamaroux).

Tao Shih Pei Wo Lun learned the principles and methods of QiGong healing from various Taoist Masters (Tao Shihs) and Taoist priests of the Yellow Dragon Temple Elixir School of Taoism. He also studied Tui-na acupressure under the tutelage of the Taoist Priests of the Yellow Dragon Temple Elixir School of Taoism under Master Sher K. Lew.

In addition to Taoist studeies, he dedicated another 6 years studying Traditional Oriental Medicine. He is certified in Tui Na Acupressure, Chinese Health and Exercise, and earned a diploma in Massage Therapy through the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in San Diego, California, 1990.

Tao Shiih Pei Wo Lun is the creator and instructor for the Tai Chi 10 Program. (ORDER the Tai Chi 10 DVD.)

He also offers appointments for herbal consultations, private Taoist Healing sessions, and private Tai Chi and QiGong instruction.


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