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Acupuncture and Massage to Quit Smoking


Natural Therapies to Quit Smoking
Acupuncture & Herbs
Massage Therapy

Many people turn to acupuncture when they want to quit smoking. This is because acupuncture can be a gentle and effective way to
·         reduce cravings
·         detoxify the lungs
·         stabilize emotions while quitting
Acupuncture is a therapy that works with your desire to quit and helps manage the change as easily as possible. It is not a magic bullet to rely on to do everything for you.
Auricular Therapy, which is Acupuncture needles inserted into special points in and around the ear, is a powerful treatment for over 185 symptoms and diseases.  We use this extensively to help quit smoking because it is known to work so well.
YOU DO have to be ready to quit. YOU DO have to be willing to shift to the identity of being a non-smoker. YOU DO have to make necessary lifestyle changes to support yourself.

On a biochemical level, addiction to cigarettes creates an imbalance in the way that serotonin and dopamine are regulated in the brain. You need a constant fix of nicotine in order to keep a relative balance in the neurotransmitter levels. When nicotine is removed, then serotonin levels plummet which causes irritability, fatigue, anxiety, and sometimes depression.
Acupuncture has been clinically shown to regulate these vital brain chemicals without causing unwanted side effects.
Herbs:  Depending on your personal circumstances, health status, and medications, Acupuncture is often combined with Chinese herbs.  There are some excellent formulas that help to moderate withdrawal symptoms, diminish cravings, and calm emotions.

How Treatment Works: 
  1. It’s best to get a full assessment intake with a special “Clearing Treatment” first. Needles are inserted into very strong points along your spine. This helps clean and balance your Qi before specific treatment begins.
  2. We recommend coming in more frequently at first, such as 2-3 times per week, and then taper off as you change and cravings are decreased and much easier to get over.
  3. It is always important to Not Smoke for at least 1-2 hours before you come in. Auricular Therapy works best when you are actually craving a cigarette – not after you’ve just had one and the craving is satisfied. Don’t worry, though. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how well the needles stop the craving.

Yes, Get Massage.  The way that massage promotes the relaxation response while at the same time helping your body to naturally detoxify is a huge benefit while going through this entire process. We have a student clinic, professional massage therapists, and even the instructors at our school who can add in specific essential oils and energy work to help you achieve success.

Meditation can also be a profound resource for people trying to quit. Mindfulness exercises help with developing space around the cravings and observing them in a neutral state of awareness. This helps to take a lot of the momentum out of the energy of addiction. It gives one a deep inner resource to draw upon when difficulties arise.  We offer classes that include meditation, and we can teach you how to easily do it on your own.
To schedule, contact us at:
main reception: 907-279-0135
community acupuncture clinic:  907-929-4525


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