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About our Clinic

We offer an array of nurturing, beneficial services. You might choose one of our student clinics for a great relaxing massage or to satisfy your curiosity about acupuncture. Or, when you want to work with a highly skilled and experienced professional, we'll take excellent care of you and your family.

If you have a disease, don't try to cure it. Find your center and you will be healed. ~Taoist Proverb

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OurTreatment Servicesinclude


Massage Therapy

Oriental Bodywork & Non-Needle Therapy


Spiritual & Energy Healing (Medical QiGong)


5-Element Nutrition

Chinese Medical Aromatherapy


Massage Therapy


Little Shaolin - Oriental medicine, non-needle


Bringing Oriental Medicine to Anchorage Alaska

If you were in Anchorage back in the mid-90's, you may have seen a small group of people in the park early every Saturday morning doing some slow, graceful movements.

As curiosity grew, so did this group, and we have now expanded Tai Chi in the Park to about 10 local parks in town, and thousands of people have participated over the years.

This was our humble beginning, but we had a goal in mind.

Relieving pain in Alaska since 2002 and loving every minute of it!

Our original vision was to build a school of healers and provide a place where the local community could come to nurture their mind-body-spirit through the Taoist healing arts on which Chinese medicine is based. These arts have a strong foundation in the practices of

  • Meditation
  • QiGong
  • and Tai Chi

Over the years, our staff has grown from doing Tai Chi in the park to becoming some of the best mind-body therapists and instructors you will find anywhere.

We formed The Oriental Healing Arts Center in 2002, and opened our original school - The Oriental Healing Arts School of Massage Therapy - in 2003. Through sheer hard work and a passion for what we do, we have transformed into the Alaska Institute of Oriental Medicine, Acupuncture & Massage Therapy, a very well-rounded institute that provides outstanding education and professional wellness services both rooted in the practice of Taoist Healing Arts.

Find Us

We are conveniently located in midtown Anchorage, Alaska.

School: Alaska Institute of Oriental Medicine, Acupuncture & Massage Therapy
Wellness Clinic: The Oriental Healing Arts Center

2636 Spenard Road,
Anchorage, AK 99503

Acupuncture Services provided at Inner Space

right across the parking lot at
2610 Spenard Rd.
Anchorage, AK 99503

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Sometimes Things Change ...

To Reschedule or Cancel Your Appointment:

24 hour notice: we will be happy to reschedule or refund.

Same day: reschedule/refunds are subject to a fee of
$40 with a Licensed Massage Therapist and $15 with a Student Therapist.

Cancelation (1 hour or less before appointment) or no show: no refunds or reschedules.

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